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Deficits, partisanship could derail infrastructure bill despite wide support

Congressional Democrats and President Donald Trump have signaled support for infrastructure spending in the past, so a big public works bill could be one area of cooperation between the White House and Capitol Hill if the partisan makeup of Congress shifts after the midterm elections. But major provisions of a potential plan, like how to pay for the investment and whether turning to the private sector makes sense as an overall policy, could thwart any legislative efforts.

Taxes take center stage in House campaigns, but legislative outlook is murky

When congressional Republicans passed a slate of tax cuts in 2017, a handful of GOP representatives voted against their party because the bill capped an individual tax deduction that could cost their constituents thousands of dollars. Nonetheless, many of them may lose their re-election bids this November, and those defeats could help a new Democratic majority remake taxation and spending policy.

Trump's tariffs face wide-ranging electoral test in Washington state

In the contest for control of Congress, Washington's 8th District ranks as a crucial battleground. Home to Costco Wholesale Corp. a Boeing Co. production plant and other businesses that thrive in proximity to Pacific seaports and land trading routes, the district also extends into the central, more agrarian part of the state. The combination of retailing, manufacturing, farming and international commerce provides a wide-angle view of how President Donald Trump's hardball trade tactics are playing out on the ground.
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